Saturday, September 27, 2014

Here I Am

Hi!  I always struggle with what to say when introducing myself.  It seems there is just too much to tell for a short "introductory" paragraph and summarizing myself seems to be an elusive talent.  I guess I'll start with what's most pertinent to this blog and let the rest unfold as it will.

I am 54-years old and have been a full-time mom with kids in my house for almost 34 years . . . running.  My oldest will be 34 in January and my youngest is 7.  Granted, my youngest is actually a grandchild we adopted (I'll be sharing more about her later) and that doesn't change my mommy status one bit because for all intents and purposes (as well as legally) I am her mom.  I currently have at home; a college junior, a high school senior, and a second grader who I am home schooling.  Also, a husband, two cats, and two hamsters.  Did I mention I'm 54-years old?  My oldest grandchild is a freshman in high school and my youngest grandchild just started kindergarten.  We are . . . an American family (quote from "You've Got Mail") and I should rightfully be an empty-nester by now. However, I am not.

There are several reasons I have for starting this blog:

  1. To share and relate with any other moms who may be in a season of life similar to mine . . . two or more seasons at once!
  2. To vent my frustrations, which are numerous on some days, and to share the joys and wisdom that come with my age and current life situation.
  3. To satisfy my need to write and express myself.

If anyone out there catches this and is able to relate, please comment and share with me your unique brand of wisdom and life experiences.  Sometimes just knowing that we're not alone can lighten the load.

T.A.M.  :-)

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